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01 April 2004

You know what, children? Sometimes we all would just like a nice drink. Nothing heavy or sloppy, mind you, but a a little swig of something that is not the sacramental wine. After all, Paul did write to Timothy, "Be no longer a drinker of water only, but use a little wine for your stomach's sake and your frequent infirmities." I don't think Paul would have minded the substitution of a little Breton wine - aka cider - for my stomach's sake, but oh dear, Robin and Susan surely did!

No cider for Nunzilla....

You'd think old Nunzilla was a raging alcoholic the way they carried on.

So instead of cider, we all went to the new Starbucks that was just opened in Paris and they let me get a coffee. It was no cider, but it was quite nice and refreshing. The girls found the drinks too small for their greedy natures:


I found them to be more than enough. Look, the drinks are bigger than I am! Gluttony, thy name be Robin, Susan, and Lauren.

The drinks were bigger than I!

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24 March 2004

Help me get my coffee, children, by playing Roshambo Run. I'm sorry posts have been so sporadic, but the work of a nun is never done. (link via Susan)
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19 March 2004

I have a profile at Friendster! Add me as your friend - "Nunzilla Nunzilla".
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12 March 2004

Nunzilla is back for another update, children. Today I will tell you all about our day of debauchery in Paris and tell you which of the Seven Deadly Sins (in French!) were violated. I must remind you all that I was brought against my will - carried through the streets of the city in Susan's bag. I protested many many times that all this was sinful, but these girls I was traveling with, never have I seen such wanton insolence. God have mercy on their souls.

First of all, Susan, Robin, Lauren, Rana, and Sebastien visited the Erotic Museum, which showcased eroticism throughout the ages. I personally was shocked and scandalized by all things in there, especially the 1920's porn that was displayed on TV sets throughout, and thankfully Rana was too so we didn't have to watch for too long. Here is a picture of me cursing all manner of things erotic:

The sin of lust, thy name be the Erotic Museum!

After that, since we were in Pigalle, the red-light district of Paris and all, the girls decided the entire day would be themed on debauchery. Right down the road was the Moulin Rouge - thankfully we did not go in, I don't know if my heart could have stood it. Here I am, pleading with the girls to stop with this dangerous behavior:

Please, I can't take any more!

Finally, the girls decided to eat someplace debauched, such as McDonalds, but the closest fast food place around was Quick Burger. The girls ate like I have not seen girls eat before, then photographed me among the ruins.


The Seven Deadly Sins (or Les Sept Pêchés Capitaux) were indeed committed that day.
  • Avarice - Greed - not sharing their Quick Burgers!

  • Colère - Anger - getting mad when Lauren, Rana, and Sebastien were late!

  • Envie - Envy for wanting a claddagh ring with a vagina in it instead of a heart!

  • Gourmandise - Gluttony - eating all they could at Quick!

  • Luxure - Lust - the Erotic Museum - must I say more?

  • Orgueil - Pride - thanking God that they didn't look like some of the women in the 1920's pornos!

  • Paresse - Sloth - eating Quick burgers until they could not stand up!
I am truly ashamed that I was dragged along, boys and girls.
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10 March 2004

Well children, I'm terribly upset over an event that happened in the Louvre in Paris. You see, I was trying to be photographed next to the Mona Lisa, because after all, it's a once in a lifetime opportunity to see her, especially on a nun's simple salary. Robin, Susan, and Lauren were very patiently putting up with this wish of mine, and took my picture with Lauren's digital camera. Bless her heart, Lauren wasn't sure how to turn off the flash, but we were still about 15 feet away from dear Mona, and the painting is protected by UV-resistant glass, so we didn't figure the flash would hurt her.

However, once we snapped the photo, this woman dressed in chartreuse, henceforth known as the Militant Art Lover stormed over and scolded us. "You know you're damaging the painting, don't you?" Lauren very politely answered that she didn't know how to turn off the flash, and that being 15 feet away was not going to do very much to the artwork. At this, Militant Art Lover seemed somewhat taken aback by this logical argument, but huffed and stammered, "Yes, but you're still damagaing the artwork," and stormed away. All this harassment, and my picture didn't even come out! Of course after that, we were not in any mood to try again, for fear of the wrath of art lovers everywhere.

However, we did manage to get my picture by another painting of the abduction of Helen of Troy, which featured a delightful monkey which Susan identified as a marmoset. I think this photo more than makes up for not being photographed with Mona Lisa.

Nunzilla with the marmoset!

Until next time, my lambs, in which I will give you the French version of the Seven Deadly Sins. Hold your collective breath in anticipation!
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08 March 2004

Hello boys and girls! My name is Nunzilla, and I've just gotten back from my trip to Paris, where I spread the Catholic faith by rapping the knuckles of depraved Frenchmen. I shall reveal more of my adventures at a later date; until then feast your eyes upon me storming Notre Dame de Paris!

Go Go Nunzilla!

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